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BSc Open, BA (Hons) Health & Social Care, 

Cert. Mental Health Studies,

PG Cert language and communication difficulties in children

MEd (Understanding children's development and learning; Difficulties in literacy development)


I am an experienced Specialist Teacher working in the area of Special Educational Needs.
I hold a Master’s Degree in Education, am an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association (AMBDA) and have undertaken futher Post Graduate Professional Development.
I can assess for Specific Learning Difficulties and am able to write reports for Education, Health and Care plans and advise on Access Arrangements for exams. I have additional qualifications in autism, dyspraxia and language difficulties.


The SEND system can be confusing to navigate, not just for parents but for schools and colleges too. I offer a bespoke and flexible service depending on individual requirements, for parents, schools and colleges. I adhere to best professional practice, always taking a person-centred approach. I provide a service that everyone can be confident in. 

“Professionals who assess children’s needs and recommend what provision should be put in place to respond to these must adhere to best professional practice so that parents can have confidence in their judgements. We came across examples where this was not the case and this led to a reduction in confidence in the assessment process.”                                                                                                                                                                            (Lamb, 2009)


Free independent advice and guidance on SEND law can be obtained from SEN-HELPIPSEA and SOS!SEN. Free advice specifically related to exclusions can be found at The School Exclusion Project.


Each Local Authority must also fund an advice and information support service - IASS - (previously known as Parent Partnership) to support parents. 

Bren Prendergast  Specialist Teacher (SEND)

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