As part of 'best practice', I do not conduct full dyslexia assessments on children under the age of 7. It is important to remember that support is needs-led and not label-led. A report indicating areas of strengths and weaknesses can help inform teaching support, as well as providing the background for a possible future diagnosis. 

The information gained from any assessment can be used in an EHCP, or in a request for an EHCP. A more indepth report would be advisable for a tribunal appeal. Independent reports constitute 'parental evidence'.



I offer assessments for people living within Norfolk on a sliding scale to suit individual needs. These are not exclusive packages, they can be 'topped up' to a more in-depth package if required, providing this is done within 4 months of the original assessment.

Initial assessment from £120

This is not a diagnostic assessment (or a 'screener'), it is designed to be a 'light touch' assessment to indicate possible SEN/SpLD and areas for further investigation, if indicated. In line with the SEN Code of Practice, a 'light touch' assessment helps to avoid over assessment.

Intermediate assessment from £200

This is not a diagnostic assessment, but looks a little deeper into ability levels not already covered by an initial assessment. This includes testing for visual stress.

Full dyslexia diagnostic assessment £400

This assessment covers multiple aspects of ability in line with current definitions of dyslexia, including literacy, working memory, phonological awareness and visual stress. 

Report for Disabled Student's Allowance £430

While universities are required to make Reasonable Adjustments to support students, a minority of students may require support over and above what would normally be made available. A Disabled Student's Allowance report is similar to a full dyslexia diagnostic report, but written with requirements of university study in mind.

Form 8

A Form 8 is required for Access Arrangements for GCSE, GCE and other Level 1/2/3 exams (e.g. Functional Skills). Individual schools and colleges will need to decide whether to accept an external Form 8 or not, so please ask them in advance. If assesments indicate that Reasonable Adjustments should be made, a Form 8 can be added on to the assessment for and additional £25.

Assessments take from 1 - 4.5hrs, depending on the level requested. Reports are usually sent within 10 working days. This may be longer for a DSA report, or if the profile is particularly complex. You will be advised at the time of the assessment.

Bren Prendergast   Education Advocate (SEND)

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