Assistance with Education, Health and Care plans

I can assist with making the parental response to an Education, Health and Care plan when in the draft stage, review a finalised plan and advise on making an application for appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. 

Current fees:

Initial enquiry

I am happy to skim-read an EHCP or have telephone appointment of up to 30 minutes free of charge

Review a draft or finalised plan £130

To produce a report advising what information should be in the various sections of an EHCP and whether your plan meets these requirements


Other educational advocacy

Many parents want 'next step' advice, letters drafted or have a situation explained to them in simple language. If you want advice and/or assistance, but are happy and able to do the work yourself, I charge £45 per hourThis can be by phone, email or both.

Mediation, Annual Reviews and other meetings

Attendance at such meetings is also charged at £45 per hour

Please note:

Any work is based on information provided by you and I cannot be held responsible should you fail to disclose information that could affect this work. While I am able to make comment on many of the interventions named in the EHCP, I am only able to do so if they are within my professional remit.

*I will require the EHCP and associated reports to be sent via email. This will be at parental risk. Paperwork must be submitted in a suitable format (ie, not photographs of pages), ideally in an editable form.

All information sent is subject the Data Protection Act 2018, click here for further information.


“Bren came to support us when we were at our weakest...although we had “the toolkit” and knew where the info was for an EHCP, we were beaten down a bit by a system that put a lot of pressure on parents.


"Bren’s years of experience and guidance gave us the confidence to push for the points in the best interest of our child and what he required for his special needs, in accordance with the regulations.  Without Bren, my son’s life could have been completely different...and now we have the support he needs, and he’s thriving in his new school.  The extra help was definitely worth it."


Ms. T, Surrey


"Thank you Bren, for all your expertise, well written words, calming instructions and for being a phenomenal support."

Miss W, Brighton

"Bren has supported me with getting what my son was eligible for many years now. Her knowledge of special needs law and experience are second to none, when I have felt helpless about a situation Bren always seems to know how to tackle it simply and effectively.  She is friendly, incredibly understanding and supportive as well as dependable. I wouldn't choose anyone else for support with my son's EHCP, or tribunal application/ hearing."

Mrs N

Bren Prendergast  Specialist Teacher (SEND)