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Educational Services

A range of Educational Services are offered to parents, young people, schools and colleges.



I am happy to assist in mediation and dispute resolution meetings where parents do not wish to attend unsupported. It is always hoped that an amicable resolution to the disagreement can be found.


As a Dyslexia Specialist, I have at my disposal a range of assessment tools which cover:

  • Reading 

  • Writing

  • Spelling

  • Comprehension

  • Handwriting

  • Working memory

  • Underlying ability

  • Visual stress

  • Visual-motor integration

Assessing for exam Access Arrangements

I hold the necessary level of qualification to complete 'Form 8s' for Access Arrangements in line with JCQ regulations. I am usually commissioned by schools and colleges directly. Parents wishing to commission me privately would need to check with their test centre that they will accept an externally written Form 8

Bren Prendergast  Specialist Teacher (SEND)

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