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Are you Ofsted-ready?

Are you Ofsted-ready?

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission will inspect Norfolk County Council from 2nd to 6th Match to see how we’re all doing with the SEND reforms. When they do, you will be asked if you would like to answer some questions.

Ofsted and the CQC are looking to see if things for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) have improved since September 2014.

You will be invited to a ‘webinar’. This is like a Power Point Presentation crossed with a questionnaire. There will be a voice reading out the slides, so you won’t need to read too much. You will need to register using your name and email address.

You are likely to complete two sections, a ‘tick box’ question-and-answer section, followed by an option to say more. We would suggest that you read this factsheet, then consider what you might want to say before starting the survey.

The webinar will be advertised by Family Voice, SENsational Families, Norfolk SEND Partnership and others.

Once the webinar starts you cannot stop or pause it. You will be given 30 seconds to answer each question. These are multiple choice questions, with many having a yes/no/don’t know style option.

The slides move quite slowly, so there is no need to rush, but you will need to allow yourself plenty of time. If you have children at home, it might be worth asking someone to mind them, or wait until they are asleep or at school.

The webinar will ask you about things connected to:

  • The local authority (Norfolk County Council)

  • The health authority (National Health Service, Clinical Commissioning Groups)

  • Educational placements (nursery, school, Alternative Provision, out-of-school etc)

  • Social Care support or provision available for children and young people with SEND

(Note: both education and social care come under Norfolk County Council)

Once you have gone through all the questions, you will be given 30 minutes to give more information if you want to. We would advise you to write some of this in advance, so that you know what you want to say and will be able to copy and paste what you have written directly into the box on the webinar. This will help you make sure you get to say what you want, and not wish that you said something different after the webinar closes.

We have produced some useful resources in regards to education, health and social care which can be downloaded from the SENsational Families website. You may find them useful to see if what should be happening matches with your experience of what is happening/happened for you.

You might want to consider some or all the following:

  • Were your child’s needs identified quickly and effectively? Was the support joined-up (education, health and social care)? Is the support suitable for your child or young person?

  • SEN Support: how involved are you? Do you know what is in place?

  • Needs Assessments (for an Education, Health and Care plan): was advice and information gained from everyone it should have been? Did all reports contain details of your child or young person’s needs, provision to meet those needs and the outcomes the provision is expected to bring about?

  • EHC plans: were they completed within 20 weeks? Were you able to participate fully? Were your views, wishes and feelings and those of your child placed at the heart of the process? Were you told about Norfolk SEND Partnership and if so, were you able to access their services?

  • Outcomes: is your child or young person now making good progress as the result if the additional support? Do they have good access to the right health services (e.g. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Speech and Language Therapy). Has the support helped towards communication, social relationships, ability to travel alone, Independent Living (for older children and young people) etc?

  • Do you know about the Norfolk Local Offer? Have you been able to access services on the Norfolk Local Offer?

  • Social Care: was an assessment offered? Did you have to request one? Did it identify clearly needs, provision and outcomes sought? Were you happy with the way the assessment was undertaken? Was a timely assessment completed on transition from Children’s to Adult Services?

The list above are just suggestions which may help you to think more about the education, health and social care processes happening around your child or young person, and whether the system is working as well as it should, or could. Your experiences may differ to that of another parent, so do use this opportunity to feedback on your experiences, thoughts and feelings.

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Bren Prendergast  Specialist Teacher (SEND)